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Rali has renewed the typesetting of the Official Bulletin of Bizkaia for six years, adding the services of mounting and xml labelling.See more»


Rali deals with the processing of content for publications.
Processing: We convert originals into PDF files ready for reproduction on paper or for the Web.
Originals: Texts in Word and images, including contents for tables, graphs, charts, maps or formulas.
Publications: From leaflets to catalogues, magazines, bulletins, reports and all kinds of books.

We also carry out design, image scanning and retouching, proofreading and correction, and the
production of e-books. Also, we manage the whole graphic productive process, from the generation and translation of contents to printing and binding.


If you want a job well done and always on time, come straight to the specialists.
Rali has 15 professionals on its permanent staff team. We offer maximum flexibility and an accumulated experience of over 50 years. Leading company in quality and service.