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Rali works as a publications designer.

Our designers are experts in graphic design focused on the production of publications. From the preparation of promotional campaigns made up of posters and leaflets and proposals for magazine covers and inside pages, annual reports, reports and all kinds of books to the creation of corporate identities.

To do this, the creative team studies the client, analyses the environment we are dealing with, is up to date with tendencies and local and global trends and respects the corporate image and/or the indications (models or guidelines) received. We also offer to search and select necessary photographic material. We think about the rest of the productive chain too, making sure we are not limiting or hindering the layout and printing process.

As a rule, in Rali we generate a minimum of three different proposals and it is the client who decides when it is sufficient, after the necessary consolidation of a definitive proposal which serves as a framework for the content

Scanners and OCR

A scanner is a data capture peripheral which allows us to obtain a digital file from an original hard copy. These are generally printed images for their subsequent processing and integration in the publication layout. It is also used to generate editable text from documents on paper.

In Rali, we have both flat and cylindrical high resolution wide format scanning systems and OCR devices (Optical character recognition) with paper feed trays, with which we can digitalize old or damaged texts and apply dictionaries.

Nowadays, countless institutions, foundations and companies are deciding to digitalize their stock of printed material, economizing on space and maintenance costs


Since the development of expertise in colour processing in the 90’s and early 2000 by Tratex, our photomechanical subsidiary company, Rali offers the best provision in image management. A team of colour experts analyse the state of the originals and carries out the necessary processing and retouching based on the indications of the client and the adequate balance of contents.

Also, Rali has the AGFA Apogee X Proofer software applied to an EPSON Stylus Pro 9880 output device for the production of colour proofs, which serve as a visual sample for the client and a reference for the imprint. This hard-copy proof technology is recognized by prestigious international institutions

Publication layout

This is the core of our activity.

Firstly we convert the content to the working format, then we create layouts and style sheets and, finally we do the layout of the publication.

The professional publishing programme Adobe InDesign is the basic working tool. In 2003-04, at the service of the Production Unit of the Publications Office of the European Union in Luxembourg, Rali was a pioneer in the use of this multiplatform software which promised to unblock the search for a single coding of characters applicable to the growing number of official European languages.

Our experience with the EU Publications Service and other official European institutions proves we are able to work on multilingual projects, including Russian, Arabic and Chinese.

After the delivery of initial, low resolution proofs in PDF format, Rali introduces author modifications and text corrections, generating successive proofs until the client approves.


Our proofreading and correction service is of the highest standard, thanks to the work of the old workshop manager. His innate ability in linguistics as well as being an expert in the Graphic Arts profession has helped us achieve loyalty in our clients concerned with the quality of their products.

Over time, fruit of our obsession with flexibility, we have made great efforts to convey his sensitivity in the workshop. Proof of this is the correction service that we provide for numerous public and private clients, such as the National Institute for Public Administration (INAP), the Centre for Political and Constitutional Studies (CEPC) and the Centre for Sociological Research (CIS) in Madrid, or the Publications Department of the University of Deusto. However, our internal revision work and exclusively that of the Official Gazette of Biscay is our best possible reference.

Final documents are always subject to internal revision focused on key contents: front covers and preliminary pages.


A digital version of a book is known as an e-book, and an e-reader is the device used to read it.

Rali offers an internal e-book production service, in the formats commonly used in the market and to be used in all types of mobile devices: smartphones, readers and tablets. In Rali, thanks to our graphic profile, we complement the IT process with specific content processing.

Full management

Rali is not a typical composition company.

Numerous clients have been placing the whole productive process in our hands for many years. To this aim, Rali has built a solid network of trusted partners, which includes the generation and translation of contents, printing and binding and multimedia replication.

Rali decides which provider to work with depending on the nature of the project (its size, technical specifications or deadlines), and Rali is responsible for the overall fulfilment and end quality.